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Monday, January 18, 2010

We are all life designers

I read all the time about people who travel the world and live their passion. I like these kind of blogs and stories of people who can live an exotic lifestyle. Have you ever dreamed of living in some far away land in a culture that is different from the one you live in? I do all the time!

I read about people who are writers, graphic designers, web designers etc.. I love to hear of the travels, see the pictures and dream of a day when I can live this kind of life. I read a very inspiring post the other day by one of my favorite bloggers, her name is Annabel Candy. She lives in Noosa Australia and is a full time writer, blogger and mother of I think three children. Her blog site is http://getinthehotspot.com/ , she encouraged everyone to look into their own lives and see how really special they are.

To be honest I get discouraged when I don't feel I am reaching my goals soon enough or trying hard enough. Has anyone of you ever tried to keep a new years resolution? If so you know how hard it is just to stick to something most of the time let alone achieve a lofty goal set for yourself!

I would encourage you to go to her website http://getinthehotspot.com/ and check a recent post called "What to do with your Life when you don't know what to do". It helped me realize that we all are life designers in a way. We live our lives with a purpose. It may not be in Thailand or on some exotic beach all day long but it is very important to you and your family nonetheless!

I want you to examine your day to day existence and look deeply into your life to see what is really important to you. We should live on purpose everyday! I like to boil down life to very simple terms so I can focus on priorities. I want you to do the same so you can get more out of each day and not just drift through and wonder "What does this thing called life mean?

Think of two basic questions:

  • If you could be doing anything in the world with your life what would it be?

  • What are you doing this day to make this happen?

Go to the comment section at the bottom of this post and let me know what your dreams are!

Writing your dream down will be the first step to taking action to make your dream a reality. Thanks for your participation!


  1. HI
    ans. on first question.
    i would finish school and do the best i can to help others.

    second qustion.
    i take thing one step at the time and enjoy it, and make the best out of it.

  2. Great comment! I like how you have very simple but important goals. This is very critical. If we make life too complicated we get lost and are not very effective! Please take time to subcribe if you can, I would like to know who you are! Thanks Randall

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog and that article! So glad you liked it and it helped you. I love your questions. Most of all I'd like to help other people. I try to help people every day but I can see there are a lot of needy people around who I'm neglecting. As you say, I'm a bit busy raising my kids and working at the moment but I'd love to work with people in Africa again when I retire or even visit some of the indigenous communities in Australia if there was anything I could do to help them.

    Keep up the great writing Randall and remember, progress doesn't happen in one slow peak, there are ups and downs to be navigated:)

  4. As always thanks for commenting on this ghost town of a blog! It is very encouraging. Helping people is a yearning down deep in my soul! There is something so fulfilling about it, it's like a craving. When you are involved in helping people the feeling is "This is what I was born to do"! and you have found your calling in life. If you can relate to this you know exactly what I mean.