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Friday, November 27, 2009

I do believe we live in the fog, separted by extreme moments of clarity that shape our lives.

Do you remember a moment that changed your life? It may have been the death of a family member or relative. It could be a divorce or separation. It may have been a time when you excelled at work. It could be anything that was a milestone in your life but you, and only you know what it is!

You realize of course that these moments were put there to teach you something. Don't quickly dismiss these memories but embrace them and learn from them! I believe that life is the greatest teacher if you will listen.

You see people everyday that never change. Do you know someone that is stuck in the decade that they lived in when they graduated high school or college? Funny how pork chop sideburns or an unattractive mullet have a way of sticking around with some people!

You used to be told to keep a journal. I believe that it is a good idea although I never did it for long. I would much rather type on the computer than write something out in longhand. If you don't do anything else but recap your day and see what you could be doing better than the day before, at least you are continuing to learn and grow as a person! Imagine what you could learn if you examined all the great things you did through the day. Recording the mistakes you made would enable you to avoid them the next day!

Did you ever miss an exit on the interstate? If you don't pay attention to the small signs and landmarks along the highway of life you could get lost. Miss a large construction sign and you could be in for danger!

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  1. Hehe, it is scary how some people never seem to change! And many of them don't seem to happy with their lives either but are too lethargic to do anything about it. Glad that's not you:)