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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Your nuts! You just don't know it! Stop it!


I was listening to a man the other day that I know fairly well (12 years). He is much like everyone else. He was complaining about the direction of this country and was to the point of being afraid. His stress level was up, his attitude was down. He had worked himself into a frenzy of negativity.

It is okay to be concerned. It is ok to be involved. It is not ok to be in a state of frustration about events that you have no control over! What is the freaking point?? He was raging about Obama and the evil plot he has for this nation. I am no fan of the current administration either. I do realize I have only a few options when it comes to politics. I can vote, I can persuade others, I can contribute to the political party of my choice.

I find too many like minded people in my camp are so frustrated that they can't see straight!

I ask you, what good does this do?? What are the results of this frustration?

1. You end up walking around with a high stress level

2. You spend your time thinking and venting on things you have no control over.

3. You don't spend time on your life and neglect designing a future for yourself!

I believe it is much more important to strive to take control over your own life and change it for the better than it is to waste precious energy obsessing over something you cannot change.

If we would do a little traveling we would find we live in the greatest country in the world. Having said that I mean all you have to do is experience some other countries to find that we have it pretty good here!

I believe that Americans should stop whining and get out there and do something about their present situation! We still have plenty of opportunity that others would love to have!

That brings me to my last point (yes I will shut up soon). Perspective is an amazing lens. What do I mean? If we could just take a little time and look at things through another's perspective we may see things different. Breathe a little! Most people quit learning when they get out of high school or college. What they have learned is all they know! Be a little more adventurous than that! Most people in the world are just trying to eat everyday! We have that problem solved! Quit being such an ungrateful person! Get on with YOUR life! We have it made!

1 comment:

  1. Here here! Sometimes you just have to chill out.

    I love your about section. I'm a self-described travel fiend but to me travel is as you describe it - actually living in places, learning the language, immersing yourself in the culture. Spending two weeks in a resort somewhere doesn't count as really knowing a country.

    Your plans sound marvelous and I wish you luck with them. It sounds like an amazing journey you've got ahead of you!