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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday afternoon Blues!

Everyone who is a wage slave knows what I'm talking about. The feeling that hits you about 11 a.m. on Sunday when you know your free pass is about to expire! The rest of the day is spent trying not to remember that the next day is Monday and it's back to work whether you like it or not!
If I sound ungrateful to have a job you may be right. It's not that I am ungrateful it's just that there seems to be a force that is sucking the life right out of me stealing the joy that could be mine if I had the guts to choose my own desiny. I do have a good job (If by your standards a good job means good pay and benefits). It is that sinking feeling that presses your soul and quenches your passion for life! I thank God for that feeling! It makes me know that because I feel that way that I am not dead on the inside! The flip side of all that negative energy is, I believe, the seed that is planted deep within all of us to succeed and prosper on our own terms.
This blog is one of the many steps this one ordinary man will use to escape the chains of wageslavism, mediocrity and settling for second best! I am and have been embarking on a life long journey that will take me to the place I want to be in life! If you feel like me and have the same desires as me to change my life, let's throw off all the old ideas and methods and reach for something much more deeply satisfying!

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