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Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's Saturday Morning!

Oh the bliss that is Saturday Morning! I woke up this morning and thought it was the weekday, man! I was glad it was really Saturday. I approach each weekend with the challenge of taking it moment by moment and really enjoying all the time. I need to rake leaves, put some stuff on e-bay and various other task that have to be done!

I wish every day could be Saturday. What I mean is that everyday I could chose what to do or not to do. I really don't believe we will ever discover our real potential until we mature enough to be out on our own. What a scary prospect! Totally depending on yourself for all income, benefits, and retirement. Guess what we are doing it already! We are just selling a portion of the money we make back to our employers!

I was at work the other day and a girl that works for me was talking passionately about what she was doing the morning before she came into work. She went on and on about this activity she was engaged in and from her voice you could tell that she was in her element when she was doing this work. I asked her why she was not doing this type of work full time? What a joy it would be to be paid for who you are and the things you love to do!

Saturday morning and every morning should be the goal for all of us! We do after all live in America and the opportunities abound everywhere! I spoke to a friend of mine this week who had been laid off due to his company closing a facility. He was doing a part time job for a homeowner, raking leaves and cleaning out a garage. Not too bad of a day for $150.00! This was more than he cleared per day at his (good job) before they let him go!

I will always believe that there is more money out in this economy for those who seek to find it! I also believe that we should do something that we are passionate about so that work is not drudgery! I will not stray off this path that I have set for myself and I will overcome the day to day wage slave existence!

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